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For over 34 years, HBW has built its reputation as a company that distributes affordable imported school and office supplies across the country. In 1990, the company expanded from their initial offering of pens and basic supplies to a wider range of products. They now offer an array of school and office supplies that are reasonably priced and suit everyone’s needs.

HBW is also the exclusive distributor of SDI and COX products in the Philippines.


HBW School and Office Supplies

Characteristics of HBW products


Our aim is to provide you with products at reasonable prices, so that you can stock up on necessary supplies without breaking the bank.


HBW products are well-designed and appeal to students and office workers who want products that not only last long but look good too.


All of our products are meant for regular use and are made with strong material and components. HBW products are meant to be long-lasting and reliable.

Good Quality

Products need to pass our quality assurance standards. We make sure that we import and distribute products of good quality and that we can be proud of.


Most of our products, particularly our basic school supplies, are simple and easy to use (supervision is needed for very young students).